Some girls invited me to be part of their sorority, and I was confused. I said, “I don’t want to be a part of a sorority, because the girls aren’t doing anything. If I’m going to join anything, it’d be Phi Mu Alpha”, which was the guy’s fraternity. Again, it was the guys doing all the creative stuff- getting together, geeking out about Stravinsky or chord changes. It was the boys getting together, creating for each other, sharing, encouraging one another. So I told a friend of mine that I wouldn’t consider the sorority, but would consider joining the fraternity, and he said, ‘Oh, the boys of Phi Mu Alpha would love it if you joined, Sabrina. They Really like you. They really like you.” , making it clear that they were all talking about me sexually. Again, it was obvious the only way to enter their creative community was to be sexualized.
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